The Toad, the Whale and the Sun



I’m super stoked to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of my feature length, 2 hour documentary that I have been working on for the last 8 years called “THE TOAD THE WHALE AND THE SUN”
Yay. I will present this epic doco at Byron Bay Community Centre, in Australia, on May the 31st at 5 PM and another directly after at 8 pm. After each screening there will be a panel discussion and Q+A. You can get tickets for either show, see the trailer, get more info, sign up to the news letter and read the full synopsis at my website.
Many will have seen the Cult Classic I made 25 years ago about Ayahuasca called “Shamans of the Amazon”. This new doco is even more ground breaking and out there. Be prepare to be totally blown away.
A little warning is, on the 4th of May the Byron Bay Community Centre will be notifying 17,000 of their previous patrons about this event and these screening will most likely sell out, so grab a good seat asap.
One week later I’ll be screening at the Nimbin Bush Theatre on the 8th of June 2024. Tickets for these and maybe other screenings will be on my website. For those outside of the Byron region in Australia, you will be able to hire and view it sometime in the not to distant future. Sign up to the newsletter on my website to be informed as soon as it’s available.
This extraordinary documentary explores my vision that the Psychedelic Toads, the Whales and the Sun are offering insights to humanity in this time of a quantum shift in consciousness.
Feel free to share this transformative independent film to your network and check out the trailer below.

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