The Toad, the Whale and the Sun


SUN SAILOR. A Solar and Wind Powered Electric Catamaran

Sun Sailor catamaran vision.

 Ive been visioning converting a diesel/wind powered catamaran into a solar/wind powered catamaran for the last 8 years. I have been inspired by the desire to be energy self sufficient and non reliant on fossil fuels. I have also felt this solar powered cat would be a great platform and example to promote clean renewable energy and care for the natural environment including the ocean, the air, and the marine creatures that rely on a clean and healthy ocean. I dont feel that I need to explain the urgency to reduce our carbon footprint or the importance of keeping our oceans and marine ecosystem in a healthy condition. To quote the Legendary founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson “If the oceans die, we die”


Over the last 12 years I have Captained and operated the marine conservation yacht, Migaloo 2, along the east coast of Australia. I have raised many important issues in the media, in videos, with groups and in social media. This includes public education, removing shark nets, removing and reducing plastic pollution in the ocean, bringing people into close relationship with the whales, the marine ecosystem and its creatures and the magic of the Great Barrier Reef.


I have raise the issue of Australia’s and humanities reliance on coal and fossil fuels and the need to use clean renewable energy. I have also participated in many beach cleanups removing hundreds of kilos of plastic waste. Although I have mainly used wind power to sail the oceans I have felt uneasy about the use of my old diesel engine and all the oil, pollution and grime that comes with that. So hence my vision of building a clean solar powered catamaran. Technology has seen many changes in products and efficiency over the last 8 years. We are now at a point where solar panels, electric engines and battery storage are efficient enough to make conversions viable and affordable. 


What is the Sun Sailor catamaran and what do I plan to do with it? 

I plan to expand on what I have already been doing with the  Migaloo 2 project over the last 13 years yet on an upgraded, expanded and cleaner level. Sun Sailor will have its own social media presences designed to excite and inspire people to live lightly and look after our natural environment. Ways to live sustainably will also be promoted. 

Here are some bullet points of what you can expect the Sun Sailor to do and promote.

1 Clean renewable energy. Solar, Wind, and kinetic regeneration.

2 Care for the natural environment including the ocean, the air, and the marine creatures.

3 Removing plastics from the ocean. Beach clean ups, etc.

4 Education on Climate change, reducing carbon footprint, 

reducing plastic consumption, reducing fossil fuel use, recycling, marine conservation.

5 Living lightly and sustainably, eg, using the energy of the sun to cook and grow our food, make fresh water, provide lighting electricity and create propulsion for the catamaran and other water and air borne devices.

6 Tips on growing food, recycling and living sustainably on a boat or anywhere.

7 Taking people on trips to visit wild and pristine islands and waters to meet whales and the marine life and ecosystem. 

8 Learn how to sail and be at one with the ocean and it’s creatures. 

9 Learn how to create your own clean renewable energy system.

10 Tips on opting out of the Matrix.


Ways to achieve these goals.

1 Visiting islands and schools in Australia, Asia and the South Pacific, giving talks and presentations.

2 Running trips to islands with volunteers and participants to do beach clean ups and reef and ocean research.

3 Active Social Media presents with videos, photos and reports.

4 Invite musicians and celebrities onboard to promote these activities and ideals and share these activities to their network.

5 Giving talks and presentations to groups on the Sun Sailor.

6 Encourage young environmental ambassadors to become involved and build on a global network of activists.

7 Supply educational material to environmental ambassadors on how to get involved and reduce, reuse and recycle materials.

Below is a short clip removing plastic from islands in the Great Barrier Reef in Migaloo 2


Investment opportunities to create the “Sun Sailor” Catamaran.

So now a new cycle is about to reveal itself. The Documentary I have been working on for the last 7 years is finished and I have moved out of Migaloo 2. It’s time to manifest the Sun Sailor vision. I have been looking around the world for the right catamaran to do the conversion to. I should be able to get the right second hand catamaran for around $500,000 and then spent $200,000 on the electric conversion, extra electric devises and setting up sustainable living options. As I don’t have $700,000 laying around, yet totally believe in and trust my vision, I’d like to invite those who resonate with my vision to become involved.


I love win, win, win, situations and feel I have a proposition that will resonate with the right people. So here we go. How much do you and your partner spend on holidays per year? 5, 10, or $15,000? How much do you get on your investments? Would you like to sail on a 55 foot luxury electric catamaran in a tropical paradise, swimming in warm turquoise water, enjoying deserted tropical islands, coral, whales and magnificent marine life? My proposition is to those who have investments or savings sitting in the bank, stocks, shares or what ever and getting between 2% – 5 % interest depending on risk level, there is a more ethical and enjoyable option that is secure. 


Instead of your $ sitting in a bank, financing mining company, weapons manufacturing or whatever and fuelling products or services that don’t serve humanity or the earths evolution, you can become a silent 1/7 share holder into this Sun Sailor catamaran vision. In return, rather than get, say 2% – 5 % interest on your $100,000 investment ( $2000-$5000 ) per year, if you invest $100,000 in the Sun Sailor catamaran vision you will receive up to $16,000 worth of holidays or income per year.  You can have the option to use Sun Sailor for a week with yourself and 7 guests plus myself as skipper or have those guest contribute to you cash for the week they are onboard. This agreement is for every year you hold a share until you decide to sell your share back to me or another share holder. This offer can be flexible if you want for example, to do 2 one week trips of 4 people. Similarly a $50,000 investment would entitle the investor to $8,000 worth of sailing holidays per year. (16% on investment) One week sailing is normally valued at $2000 per person, per week.


There may also be opportunities for established marine conservation and research groups and ocean plastic clean up groups to purchase a $100,000 share and use the Sun Sailor for a month long expeditions at drastically reduced rates. Sun Sailor will comfortably accommodate 10 people and be set up with all the right gear.  Contact me for details and options. 


Rather than being a normal share holder and having to continually be contributing to extra costs of maintenance, insurance, mooring fees etc, plus the responsibilities of skippering the cat, one can become a silent shareholder and simply lay back and enjoy the sailing experience. One can relax knowing you can sell your share back to the Sun Sailor Foundation or another investors at any time. (depending on investors) A legal contract will guarantee your investment. There are other sailing perks as well for $100,000 investors that can be negotiated with interested investors, including being involved in some of the special projects for little or no cost and being at the top of the list if it comes down to making a getaway to afar away tropical island.

If you resonate with this vision and you’re interested in more info, contact me for more discussion, details and a contract. deanjefferys (at) gmail (dot) com I plan to be sailing in the Great Barrier Reef, Asia or the South Pacific Islands over the coming years. For those who may just want to join the Sun Sailor catamaran on one of its amazing journeys to the islands at some time in the future, make sure you join the mailing list or send me an email via contact page.