The Toad, the Whale and the Sun


Bufo Alvarius Retreats

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POSTPONED; Toad retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica in July/Aug 2021 have been postponed due to CV and travel restrictions, yet you can fill out the application forms below and sign up to the news letter to be informed. We will notify you if the situation changes and inform you when there is a future date.  (By application only so if your seriously interested fill out the jot form applications below for the different retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica. If you have any questions email me at

Postponed: Facilitators Sharing Retreats with Hari Har, Mexico. Level One 5th-12th, Level Two 14-21st July 2020. Pre WBAC.

The facilitators sharing retreat in 2018 and 2019 with Hari were amazing. So much important information was shared. Due to the need to share skills for facilitators of the Bufo Alvarius/Toad/5 sacrament and increase safety for initiates, I feel again to call in one of the most experienced Mexican Bufo Alvarius Practitioners, Hari Har. Together we will design and run a retreat that will help people already on the serving path to increase their skills. This will occur prior to the WBAC in July. Completing these retreat in does not guarantee that you will be ready to serve this medicine and as there is no formal accreditation process there will not be any qualification certificate issued. The Peer Review process within the Conclave will be discussed. It will be a deep initiation and various relevant skills will be shared. Ongoing discussions and support will occur. It is suggested one continues to work with a mentor or another persons.  See Hari and my video clips from WBAC below.
Hari has been working with Bufo Alvarius for over 8 years in Mexico and also runs Sapohuasca retreats. Hari sometimes goes into Toad space with you and works with energy in that dimension to assist you to move and clear blockages, stories and past karma. This retreat is designed to give facilitators that have already been called to serve the medicine an opportunity to learn from a very experienced practitioner. It is also an opportunity to share information and experiences with other practitioners so that many aspects of preparation, ceremony, and integration can be incorporated into your practice. This retreat will be run by the principles expressed in the ‘Best Practice’ and Integration-Guidelines documents written by the “Conclave” There will be a focus on the initiates safety and assisting integrating the experience. It is recommended to read these documents beforehand which I have also posted in the blog section. This 7 days/7 nights retreat will include 3 or 4 or more, Bufo Alvarius sessions which will include group sessions.   Level One; Issues explored; Tools of protection & ofrendas, cacao, breath, rapéh, preparation, setting intention, working with sound, set and setting, serving the medicine, (basic tools, doses, time)-the medicine container ( holding space), working in transitional states, meditation, integration, grounding exercises, Trauma, contra-indications and careful aspects, the different ways of serving the medicine, pre and post medicine aspects, the different roles( facilitator, medicine, receiver) working tools( physical, energetic, mental, emotional), post medicine integration, dealing with an emergency, working with Masculine and Feminine energies, the importance of working with a conscious collector, initiate and facilitator relationship, personal sharing and more. Level Two; Issues explored;
-challenges faced since level 1, sharing
-sharing personal processes
– the importance of self work/cleansing of the channel
-Strengthening intuition
-activation of dna-crystals/ new alliances
-the seed of intention/ the seed of thought
-the medicine in the poison/ transmutation flame
-the surprise element/ expect the unexpected
-mirror of ancestors- the root of self work
-offerings-group work goes deeper
These are  passive and active retreats, in which there will be transmissions as well as practices.
  Location: The retreat is in the rainforest one hour from Cancun in Mexico. There are a number of fresh water cenotes on the property. It is situated in the Yucatan peninsular surrounded by rainforest and close to Mayan ruins. Interested people will need to apply as space is limited to 10. Please fill out this detailed application form and questionnaire Due to limited space there are no guarantees you will be accepted. People will need to fly to Cancun Airport which is a 2 hour flight from Mexico City. I will meet you at the airport or hostel in Cancun and drive you to the retreat one hour away.  3 healthy nurturing, vegetarian or vegan meals will be provided fresh each day, tailored to the activities. Hari will have her assistant, Brenda, with her, plus myself and nurse, Pete Isaia assisting. Pete has done the level on trying with Hari and has been working with the medicine fore about 3 years. Being a nurse for 25 years, Pete has much information around safety and medical issues to share. There will also be ample opportunities for the other practitioners present to share their experiences and skills. We will be working hard and balancing that out with deep relaxing, grounding and integration techniques. Participation is by application only, so if you are interested please fill out the application form on this link and I will inform you shortly afterwards if you are eligible and how to pay. If you have any questions about either retreats send me and email saying your interested in either of the retreats to  What is covered is return transport from Cancun Airport or hostel to retreat, all cost of food, accommodation and all medicines and activities while at the retreat, including a Temascal ceremony  (sweat lodge) with our resident host Oscar. An introductory Watsu, waterflow session in the cenote will also be offered. Costs have been kept down as low as possible while still being comfortable, well fed and looked after at the retreat. For more background info on this retreat see recent blog post I know there are some people who have had this medicine who want to become evangelist for the medicine and get some toad and blow out the world. There are also others who would like the power, glory and the money from serving. This coarse is unlikely to be for you. This is for someone who has been working extensively with Toad and other plant medicines themselves over a decent period of time, who is dedicated, has studied all they can, worked HARD with the sacrament and preferably been working with a complimentary medicine or practice. If you have been working with a mentor and have already been serving friends and family quite a bit that will assist your application. References maybe asked for. If anyone is considering coming or applying to this gathering please know that there is an extensive application process including a detailed form and questionnaire, access by the facilitators and assistants with references and online zoom interviews. So this is only for the serious applicant/server who is on the genuine path of service with this sacrament.  Again, it’s important to know, that by doing this coarse it does not guarantee that you will then be ready to serve or be recommended as a Facilitator as I believe that would take a Peer Review process which is developing globally atm. See my WBAC interview above, at 18 mins, I talk a little about the Peer Review process. There is also a lot more work and study outside of this week that is necessary, including trauma counselling, integration, fist aid, experiences with this and other sacraments, working with a mentor, etc. If you feel called to serve yet still feel quite unprepared, it maybe prudent to go to the Costa Rica retreat first (see below) , where you will journey deep with the medicine in a safe and legal environment, with out there being a focus on serving. Both retreats are likely to be an annual evens. 7 days/7 nights retreat If  seriously interested first step is to fill out this application form and questionnaire Limit 10 people more info see Dean Jefferys 2019 presentation at World Bufo Alvarius Congress, WBAC.  Dean Jefferys is founder and Administrator of the Toad & 5 MeO Forum and Support group on Facebook with 8500 members. He discusses the evolution online and off, of the world bufo community in the last few years. What does a safer, more supportive community look like? How can community empowerment ripple on to facilitators to create safety guidelines and what makes a good facilitator? ENGLISH starts at 7:50 mins in. Testimonials of retreat, Robin: I experienced this retreat as a strong, powerful, & vital initiation in what it takes to be a strong facilitator & stewardess of this sacrament. The biggest lessons have been on true humility & respect as well as learning deeper ways to continue the self-work required to be a clear channel in this work. This training is for someone who is ready & willing to step into right relationship with themselves, the world, & the energies we are participating in. Not for the faint of heart. Testimonials of retreat, Pete: The week long workshop was a challenging and comprehensive experience filled with opportunities to learn how to utilise and share this powerful and transformational tool. Harihar is a very experienced and masterful provider, therapist and educator who imparts her knowledge, wisdom and insight with clear and concise language. I have no hesitation in recommending this retreat experience for those that are properly prepared and ready for this initiation. Peter Isaia, Registered Nurse.    

Postponed: Toad, Whale, Sun, Retreat, Costa Rica, August 1st- 9th  2021. Post WBAC.

 Although this retreat is postponed due to CV and travel restrictions Sparrow regularly runs medicine Yage retreats. See his website below for details. You can also fill out this application form and you will be contacted when we are able to run this retreat in the future. Some info and program has been edited out for the moment. Application form   In 2018 after the first, World Bufo Alvarius Congress, WBAC, I had the opportunity to visit my old mate Sparrow and the amazing wellness retreat centre he is steward at called Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat. see links and video below and  I hadn’t seen Sparrow for 20 years since hanging out together filming my two documentaries in Ecuador in the 1990’s, ‘Shamans of the Amazon’ and ‘Amazon the Invisible People’. He was my guide and helper on many of the voyages. Finally in 2018 I was able to visit and see first hand the retreat centre Sparrow stewards. The property is situated on 15 acres of beautiful beach front rainforest on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, south of Drake bay. I couldn’t believe the pristine condition of the whole area. Surrounded by rainforest, abundant birds and wildlife and right before the great expanse of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, where many types of Whales come to give birth. The whales can be heard singing from the waters right in front of the retreat a phenomena that is deeply inspiring. The retreat centre is right next to Corcovado National Park, the largest National Park in Costa Rica and 10 miles away from Caño Island, a world class diving site. I instantly fell in love with the place and started organizing to bring people here to experience these magic sacraments in this safe and nurturing, pristine environment. I also thought it would be a good opportunity for people who already have experience with this medicine to experience this ceremony in a safe and supportive environment with plenty of time to relax and integrate these powerful experiences in a renewing and peaceful place with good healthy food and surrounded by nature. It will be Whale season when we arrive, and we plan to spend some time on and in the water with the Whales listening to their songs via the hydrophone and playing with them. I have spent the last 13 years sailing, listening and playing with the migrating Humpback Whales in Australia and look forward to sharing this bliss with others and inviting people into the heart of the Whales.   In August Humpback whales swim play and sing right infront of the resort. We intend to spend 2 days on the water with the whales listening to their song via a hydrophone and journeying deep with them. I have studied with world renown Animal communicators Anna Breytenbach and Michael Roads. I will take people through sensitising processes to open to communicating telepathically with nature especially the whales. One afternoon we will participate in a ‘Council of all Beings’ ceremony were we spend time in nature then allow aspects of nature to talk through us. We will also use some of these communication skills when we are with the whales to deepen our connection with our majestic cousins from the ocean. Included in this retreat will be one on one sessions and group sessions. We will travel by boat to be with the Whales and to snorkel at the nearby spectacular Cano Island which is a world class dive site. We will enjoy ethnobotanical immersion walks, through Sparrows amazing 20-year old medicinal plant and Permaculture gardens.  There are also walks along the beach with options to explore waterfalls, rivers, rainforests and kayaking. Grounding into our physical bodies is necessary and important for wellbeing, connectedness and the ability to integrate, carry and transmit wisdom and information. Being in pristine nature is in itself a great integration and grounding tool.