The Toad, the Whale and the Sun


Practitioner Training ?

Practitioner Training ? I would like to initiate some discussion about Practitioners Training or lack there of. This issue has been a hot topic on this page with many varying view of what is appropriate behaviour for a Practitioner and what are the rights of the initiate to be assured a safe and supportive experience.… Continue reading Practitioner Training ?

New teaser for the doco

New teaser for the doco Here is a short teaser of my new documentary called “The Toad, the Whale and the Sun” Its a combo of my passions with Toad medicine and Whales and my new love the Sun.

New, Toad “Best Practice”+”Integration” documents

New, Toad “Best Practice”+”Integration” documents Well folks, below is a link to the “Best Practice” and “Integration” document that I feel will influence significantly the way Toad /5 is served in this moment and help people with integration. Its been put together by a bunch of experienced practitioners, loosely labeled the “Conclave”, who have joined… Continue reading New, Toad “Best Practice”+”Integration” documents

World Bufo Alvarius Congress

World Bufo Alvarius Congress The World Bufo Alvarius Congress, WBAC, website has now be launched and I encourage everyone to check it out. There has been untold energy organising this with more still to come. There have been issues to work through which is an ongoing process. I see this gathering as an important opportunity… Continue reading World Bufo Alvarius Congress

Elementor #12

new site coming soon new site coming soon   new site coming soon