The Toad, the Whale and the Sun


Getting ready for the World Premiere in July 2023

After 8 years of blood sweat and tears, I am super stoked to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of my feature 2 hour documentary that I have been working on for the last 8 years called “The Toad the Whale and the Sun”    Yeaaaahhhhh. I will present this epic doco at Byron Bay Community Centre,… Continue reading Getting ready for the World Premiere in July 2023

Sailing Toad Testimonial

Sailing Toad Testimonial Ive been sailing with 3 friends for a week when everything lined up to journey. We found a small deserted beach on a beautiful little island. As we were all relatively experienced travellers we decided to all have a journey together at the same time. We set our intentions, gave thanks and… Continue reading Sailing Toad Testimonial

Deans WBAC talk

blog Deans WBAC talk I trust members in this group took advantage of the free postings of the live presentations from WBAC 2020 from Mexico over the last few days. There have been some real gems. I think some of the talks will go up on WBAC s youtube channel shortly. In the mean time… Continue reading Deans WBAC talk

Int Mario re WBAC

Int Mario re WBAC Id like to share an interview I did today with the main organiser of the World Bufo Alvarius Congress, WBAC, Mario Garnier. This year due to CV restrictions there will only be a small live crowd at WBAC in Mexico City and most of the viewing will happen online. You can… Continue reading Int Mario re WBAC

Darpan int “These Crazy Times”

Darpan int “These Crazy Times” I caught up with Darpan recently and recorded the following inspirational interview. We cover many issues about these unprecedented times we are in and discuss the various pathways currently before us. We discuss, the effectiveness of the corona virus lock down, the 1%, forced vaccination, digital ID certificate, then role… Continue reading Darpan int “These Crazy Times”

Pure 5 MeO DMT

Pure 5 MeO DMT Recently I had my first experience with snorting the pure molecule, 5 MeO DMT. I have had an interest in doing this for some time to explore its usability. I have usually received the most learning during the transition period, coming back from the other side and grounding the experiences into… Continue reading Pure 5 MeO DMT

Global Meditation ceremony

Global Meditation ceremony On April 4th/5th when Jupiter and Pluto became conjunct, millions of people came together to meditate, do ritual, pray, or do ceremony with their chosen plant or animal ally. I felt to call a small group of friends together from around the world to share on a zoom call what they were… Continue reading Global Meditation ceremony

Global Corona Ceremony

Global Corona Ceremony At sunrise today I was involved in a global ceremony involving our beloved sacrament. There were 15 of us from around the world who came together first on a zoom call to share, then we turned off the cameras and at the same time we all lit up. Wow. My intention was to… Continue reading Global Corona Ceremony

Ozzy fires and Toad

Ozzy fires and Toad Ive been feeling to do a 2020 vision post, all year, yet been waiting for the inspiration. Well last night it happened and as the rain falls heavily on the roof of my boat, here it is. As many will know, my country of residence, Australia, has been burning ferociously for… Continue reading Ozzy fires and Toad

Sailing and Integrating in the Great Barrier Reef

Sailing and Integrating in the Great Barrier Reef For the last few weeks Ive been sailing around the Great Barrier reef with my son and his partner in their catamaran that they recently purchased for a dollar. (thats another story) I didn’t bring any sacrament as I wanted to use this time to integrate the… Continue reading Sailing and Integrating in the Great Barrier Reef