The Toad, the Whale and the Sun




Some other Documentaries I’ve made.

1988, “Flight of the Dove” Uranium Mining and Nuclear Warship Visits.

1989 “Green Revolution”  Protests to stop the Old Growth Logging.

1991 “The Last Stand for the Penan” Protests to stop the Rainforest logging in Sarawak.

1995 “Amazon the Invisible People” Oil mining and colonist invasion in the Amazon.

2000 “Into the Heart of Iraq” Peace Camps in Iraq during the 1991 and 2003 invasions.

2001 “Shamans of the Amazon” Shamanism and Ayahuasca in the amazon.

2012 “Flight of the Humpback” Humpback whale interaction and coastal development.

2015 “The Bentley Blockade” Successful Coal Seam Gas Protests in NSW Australia.

1990- 2023 Countless YouTube, Rumble and Vimeo films.

2016 – 2023 “The Toad the Whale and the Sun”