The Toad, the Whale and the Sun


The Doco is at the Sound mixers. Premiere and online release mid March. This site is currently under construction. This extraordinary documentary explores a vision that the Toads the Whales and the Sun are offering assistance to humanity it this time of a quantum shift in consciousness

“The Toad, the Whale, and the sun” is a thought-provoking documentary that will take you on quest to uncover reliable about the world we live in that most people never even dream is possible.

Embark on a mystical journey with film maker and activist Dean Jefferys, as he explores the se-crets of the universe through the use of the most powerful psychedelic known to man, 5 Meo-DMT from the Sonoran desert toad in Mexico. Discover the role this sacrament plays in hu-manity’s awakening. This 7 year expedition of the soul, includes inter dimensional ceremonies in the Sonoran desert and the ancient sun-worshipping temples of the Mayan civilization. Dean sails and swims with whales in tropical waters as he explores a vision, that the Toads the Whales and the Sun are giving humanity information to assist us in these critical times.

Together, we will embark on an epic sailing adventure on Dean’s marine conservation yacht, Migaloo 2, through tropical waters with the humpback whale migration and experiencing the power of the toad ceremony with the whales and the sun. Through this connection, we will unlock the messages of the great oceanic ancestors of the ocean, and our galactic messenger, the Sun and gain insight into the role they play in catalyzing humanity’s evolution.

With each step of this odyssey, we will unveil the mysteries of the universe and explore the quantum shift in conscious-ness that is currently underway on our planet. Through the experiences of those who have undergone the profound initi-ation of the Bufo Alvarius ceremony, we will come to understand the paramount significance of toad medicine in foster-ing not just personal transformation, but a metamorphosis of society itself.

You will see how fear is used to control the masses, and how it can limit our true potential as human beings. We are at cross roads. You will learn about a rising movement that seeks to empower individuals to bring about positive change.

With breathtaking cinematography and an expert team of mystics, “The Toad, the Whale, and the Sun” is an immersive experience that will challenge your beliefs.